Supplementary Materials for "L-infinity optimization to linear spaces and phylogenetic trees"

This webpage contains supplementary material for the paper L-infinity optimization to linear spaces and phylogenetic trees by Daniel Irving Bernstein and Colby Long. 

We provide a Maple worksheet which generates the polyhedral subdivision of the space of dissimilarity maps on four elements referenced therein. The polyhedral subdivision is stored in a 37-element array called "Districts." Each entry of the array is a two-element list where the second entry is a set of trees and the first entry is a list of polyhedral cones comprising the district labeled by those trees. To execute these computations in Maple:

1) Check that you have a version of Maple that supports the package PolyhedralSets (available in Maple2015 and later versions)
2) Download and unzip this file
3) Open the file in Maple
4) Evaluate the worksheet (this could take an hour or so)